Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For the record

All of this 2012 = end of the world stuff is a scam. I could try and argue why it's a scam, but the fact is that there isn't any rational basis for thinking it is the end of the world, so this belief is not actually subject to rational criticism. There simply isn't any reason for believing it, so there is nothing that can possibly be deconstructed other than the basic human fears and psychology that results in such irrational claims (which means that you are not inherently respecting the 2012-end-of-world stuff as valid). To this, my response is as follows: Do a bing.com search for "William Miller". Look up the Great Disappointment. And yes, I work at Microsoft so I'm happy to do shameless plugs for bing.com. Of course I just got to see a demo today of new stuff they're working on and it looks AWESOME!!! (But I contractually cannot say what it is!!!! You'll find out in a couple months [or whenever, I don't have the actual release schedule] when it's unveiled!!!!!)...........Sigh, I am such a pettifog.

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