Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A new idea - Bookclub!

I just had this new idea today while walking home. I am going (to try) to start my own personal book club! Everyone is starting a book club these days....... Oprah........ other people.......... and so I figured I would start one too. Now my book club will perhaps work differently, because I've never been in a book club and I don't actually know what a book club is or does. But here was my idea: I will pick a book that I'm going to read through, post it here, and then periodically (perhaps on a chapter by chapter basis) I will post my thoughts and analysis of what I'm reading.

That way I can get my thoughts written down for my own records, and I might also inspire others to read these amazing, amazing books. A lot of what I read is actually re-reading stuff I've already been through, but just enjoyed so much the first time around that I had to read it again.

So! The first book shall be.................................................... Phantastes by George Macdonald! I've already started reading it so I will have to skim the first couple chapters again to post my thoughts, which I will do in the days to come assuming I remember that I'm doing this. I hope I don't forget and have nothing but an intro lying around here for the next year(s)....

Edit: I post this later in the series, but for posterity I should include a link to the FREE E-BOOK for Phantastes right here, just so that nobody has the misconception they have to actually buy the book to follow along. It's available on the internet thanks to the special magic known as the Public Domain (i.e. out of Copyright materials). So here, dear friend and reader, find the e-book at your convenience in a variety of formats:

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