Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bible Commentary - Exodus 37

In this chapter, the construction of the Tabernacle continues with the ark of the covenant and the other Tabernacle furnishings.

As I discussed in my analysis of chapter 36, there isn't much need for a commentary here because the material is virtually identical to the LORD's speech in Ex 25-31, so I simply refer my readers to read those chapters.  This chapter substantially corresponds with Ex 25.  As I mentioned in Ex 36, the correspondence between 25-31 and 36-39 reinforces to the ancient Israelites the importance of the Tabernacle as an institution and also the importance of following the laws and ordinances of the LORD.  Also, most Israelites would never see the objects of the Tabernacle in their entire lives, so it is important to tell them that everything was constructed in accordance with the LORD's plans.

With that, I will move on to chapter 38.

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