Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bible Commentary - Exodus 39

In this chapter, the priestly garments are created and Moses reviews the finished products.

This chapter is very similar to the previous ones, detailing the construction of the priestly garments precisely as it was commanded in Ex 28.  As before, this emphasizes the importance of following the commands of the LORD precisely, especially as it relates to the covenant.

It's interesting that this comes after the summary of the cost of the Tabernacle, and that's probably because the materials that go into the priestly garments are a pittance compared to the many talents of gold and silver of the Tabernacle.

Nevertheless, the description of the priestly garments is virtually identical to that from chapter 28, so rather than reproduce my comments here, I would like to simply direct my readers to review chapter 28 if they so desire.

This chapter concludes with Moses's review of the entire Tabernacle and related furnishings, including the priestly garments.  Moses blesses the people for following his instructions "just as the LORD had commanded", which again shows the significance of the legalistic approach being fashioned here, that it is through obedience to the law and to the commands of the LORD that the people maintain their position under the protection of the covenant.

With all this in mind, I will now proceed to the last chapter of Exodus, chapter 40.

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